Céline Semaan, Founder & Creative Director.

Founder of Slow Factory, she has pioneered new materials and has coined the term “fashion activism”, i.e. using fashion as a medium for social change. Her work has been seen on CNN, Forbes, The New York Times and Vogue. Her background is in user experience design, information architecture and multi-media art. An MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow, she focuses on new material and influencing customer culture.

Colin Vernon, Co-founder & Partner.

Entrepreneur with a long history in building organizations in disciplines as varied as hardware and software engineering, real estate, and multimedia and music production. He has been an executive at Medium, littleBits Electronics and Hello Alfred, and his own agency counted clients from Microsoft & Fedex to Techcrunch to Beyoncé.


Harper Reed

Head of Commerce at Braintree, CTO for Barack Obama's 2012 campaign

Orsola de Castro

Founder and Creative Director, Fashion Revolution

Sophia Li

Journalist and Video Director, formerly Vogue Digital

Neri Oxman

MIT Media Lab Professor, Architect and Designer, head of the Mediated Matter research group

Stacy London

Stylist, Author and Editor, co-host What Not to Wear

Carmen Busquets

Pioneer luxury and fashion entrepreneur

Solange Franklin

Stylist, Editor at Large Paper Magazine

Joelle Firzli

Curator, Researcher, Fashion Consultant

Ulli Barta

Directing executive leadership and strategy in fashion, arts, design and photography

Kerry Bannigan

Fashion + social impact entrepreneur, Executive Producer SDG Media Zone